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This website encompasses several collections of my best photography from excursions to 39 different countries. Also included is my digital artwork known as the "Aperture Series" which is a unique blend of traditional mixed media collage incorporating my own original photographic elements and textures. All work on this site is available for purchase on metal or canvas for a contemporary look and feel. Or, you can check out my ready-to-hang inventory here.

  • Digital Artwork

    Digital Artwork
    Original artwork printed on metal

    Utilizing found objects along with my own original photographic elements I digitally assemble these works of art.

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  • Landscapes

    From Wyoming to Skellig Michael

    I've collected what I feel are the best landscape photos I've taken around the world in this gallery.

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  • Wildlife & Nature

    Wildlife & Nature
    Nature & Wildlife at its finest

    If it flies, runs, swims or crawls I've photographed it. From seals in the Galapagos to sharks in Polynesia.

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  • Architecture

    From Scotland to Spain, the best shots

    As a designer and artist I've always appreciated architecture, from monuments to skyscrapers to castles.

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  • Aviation

    Reno Air Races to The Blue Angels

    It's no secret that I am an aviation buff, this collection includes some of my best aircraft related shots.

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  • Cloudscapes

    Natures own canvas

    Living in the desert has provided me with the opportunity to capture unique cloud formations and sunsets.

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  • Travelogue

    I live to travel the world

    This section is a work-in-progress of some of my best trips around the world, from French Polynesia to Iceland to Peru.

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  • Available Inventory

    Avilable Inventory
    Available prints ready to hang

    Everything shown in this section is already printed on metal or canvas and ready to ship/deliver to you immediately.

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Panoramic Gallery

  • Jackson Lake, Wyoming
  • Glacier 3000
  • Moab Utah
  • Corfu
  • Montserrat
  • Magic Mountain Moorea
  • Embudo Canyon
  • Jenny Lake
  • Monte Carlo
  • Canyon Lake
  • Split
  • Mesa Arch
  • Florence Italy
  • Chania Greece
  • Monaco
  • Machu Picchu

About the Artist

Kurt Beswick

Kurt's art work and photography has been featured in Photoshop User and Design Graphics magazine. His work has been shown in galleries across Utah, New Mexico and Texas.

Kurt earned his BFA in Fine Art from Florida Atlantic University and is presently the owner of redGiant Creative, a design agency based in Lexington where he lives with his wife Ellen, a cancer research scientist at the University of Kentucky.